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By using this site, or any of the related services, you agree to the following policies, in addition to the end-user agreement, located here.

What Do We Collect?

When you sign into this website, or any other related service or product, you sign in using a verified Discord account. When you sign in, it gives us your Discord user ID number, current user name and discriminator (the 4 digits following your username, for example, the 0001 in ZGal88#0001), then-current user avatar, email address, and whether or not that email address is verified or not. These are stored when you log in, using a session file, sometimes also called a cookie (they are different from a technical perspective, but serve the same purpose). When you log out of your account, these "cookies/sessions" are 'destroyed' by un-setting/deleting the values stored, attached to your current login session.

If You Post A Mod - In order to store required data related to who posted a mod, we do keep records for them. If you upload a mod, a record will be made using your user ID attached to it, along with information such as the name of the mod, the date and time you uploaded it, version number, and other data related to your mod. These are required in order to properly keep track of when you update a mod, want to remove it, view statistics about how many downloads it had, etc.

If You Download A Mod - We keep minimal records for this as well. When you download a mod, we create a record saying that you downloaded that mod, with a number stating how many times you downloaded it, the last date and time you downloaded it (because when a mod author updates a mod on the site, chances are you will download it again, so we keep track of both unique downloads, as well as total/overall downloads). Additionally, that record will also include whether you do, or do not, recommend the mod to others (this is a function you will see on each page; once you download a mod, and after five minutes have passed, you can select the recommend button).

Important Information - When you visit our website, the website will use the IP address you are from, to determine your approximate location in the world (specifically, what country you might be in). This data is used to determine what other languages we should consider translating the website to. Your IP address itself however is not recorded, and the location determined is not attached to any of your other user data; rather, the country data that is determined is simply incremented by a single number for that country. This is an automatic process, but as it is not attached to any of your other data, it cannot be used in any way to identify you.

E-Mail Address - When you sign into the website for the first time, a user profile is created for you, with the information porovided to us by Discord. Your user ID number, and e-mail address are saved, and are the basis of your user profile.

Why do we use this as your user profile data? That's actually a great question, and is entirely centered around allowing you to control your own data, as much as possible. Most gamers these days know about and use the globally popular Discord platform. In addition to the widespread use, it offers us a particularly attractive anonymity option; you control what you use for a username, and email address when you sign up. You can also change your username whenever you want to, to whatever you would like. Two things however, stay static/constant; your user ID, and your e-mail address (though you can change your e-mail address to another one). This allows us to have you sign in with an account you likely already use, with no personal data attached, except for your e-mail address. The one requirement we have regarding this data, is that the e-mail address on your account, needs to be considered verified by Discord, in order to be registered on this site.

Why do we need your e-mail address? We use your e-mail address for a couple things, all of which you can opt out of, or are by default opt-in only. The first thing it is used for, is the ever-present e-mail list. You have to opt-in to the list, and are not added to it by default. This is a monthly "newsletter" of sorts, that may or may not end up being monthly, or possibly quarterly instead (every three months), that would have articles on website news, links to third-party articles, and things of that sort. It would be "the usual", that you would expect from other similar sites/services. The other use for your e-mail address, is if you donate/subscribe to the website. As it stands, the site and services run on a free, donations-only concept; we do not charge you to download or post mods, and we do not have advertisements on the site. As you can guess, this isn't profitable, and certainly doesn't pay the bills required for this service. We offer, or will offer in the future, a multitude of ways to support the site, and get one or more benefits back. As of this writing, those have not been determined, but, the only way we can track you donating to us, is your e-mail address connected to your user data. When such donations would be made, you would need to use the same e-mail address when donating, as you use for Discord.

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